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Manitoba announces dates for Crown land lease auctions

Manitoba announces dates for Crown land lease auctions

The auctions will take place between Feb. 6 and 10

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

The Manitoba government has informed livestock producers of when Crown land lease auctions will take place.

The Crown land lease and permit auctions will be held between Feb. 6 and 10, Agriculture Minister Derek Johnson said on Jan. 9.

The auctions will occur online to ensure all participants have an equal opportunity to bid.

“The online approach ensures Manitoba producers have equal opportunity to rent lands that will support their farming operations,” Johnson said in a release. “In addition to ensuring equal access to rental opportunities, a temporary rent reduction for forage leases on agricultural Crown lands has been implemented as part of our government’s commitment to supporting producers after a difficult season last year.”

Those reductions will be in place for the next three years – a 50 per cent reduction in 2023, a 33 per cent reduction in 2024 and a 15 per cent reduction in 2025.

Garton’s Auction Service, located in Dauphin, Man., will facilitate the auction like it did in 2022.

Larry Garton, founder of Garton’s auction service, encourages interested buyers to visit the auction site, become familiar with it and register.

And because the provincial government is the seller, logging on early will help ensure any necessary documents can be filled out ahead of time, he said.

The minimum bid per lot is $200 and a minimum bid increment is $100.

New users can also place bids on test lots to activate accounts and ensure everything is working smoothly.

And users with unreliable internet connections are encouraged to place a high bid to lock in a price.

No information is available yet about the parcels up for auction in 2023.

But results from the 2022 auctions show parcels sold for anywhere from $200 up to $16,289.

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