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Manitoba Crown land lease auctions going online in 2022

Manitoba Crown land lease auctions going online in 2022

Garton’s Auction Service will host the auctions

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

Crown land lease auctions in Manitoba are going virtual this year.

With COVID-19 restrictions currently in effect, pivoting to an online format gives anyone interested a fair opportunity to participate, said Ralph Eichler, Manitoba’s minister of agriculture and resource development.

“The online auction format ensures we can offer all Manitoba producers the opportunity to lease agricultural lands while remaining in accordance with current public health orders,” Eichler said in a Jan. 13 statement. “Potential bidders are encouraged to become informed prior to the auction by researching the parcels and units of interest and becoming familiar with lease or permit obligations.”

The lease auctions will begin Jan. 31 and run until Feb. 4.

Garton’s Auction Service in Dauphin, Man. will host the online auctions.

No information on available parcels is available yet.

Those details are coming in the last week of January, Garton’s website says.

The Manitoba government last held a Crown land lease auction in February 2021.

During that auction, Sydney De Koning, a livestock producer from Eden, Man., paid $17,500 for a forage lease at NE 30-17-15 W, Manitoba government documents say.

That was the highest price paid for land during the Feb. 2021 auction. has contacted Garton’s Auction Service for land listing details and comment on auction proceedings.

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