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McCain Foods Unveils Presia Ag Insights for Revolutionary Farming

By Jean-Paul MacDonald

McCain Foods, a leader in the frozen food industry, recently announced the launch of Presia Ag Insights.

This new venture, wholly owned by McCain, marks a significant step in agricultural technology. Presia is designed to assist farmers and food companies in optimizing crop yields and adopting sustainable farming practices.

The initiative is rooted in a decade-long collaboration to develop digital tools that aid farmers in strengthening their operations. Presia specializes in satellite-based, data-driven intelligence, transforming crop growth understanding and fostering regenerative agricultural practices.

Peter Dawe, McCain’s Chief Growth and Strategy Officer, emphasized that Presia builds on McCain's expertise in potato farming, offering enhanced data intelligence. This advancement stems from McCain's acquisition of Resson's predictive crop portfolio in 2022, which includes vision-intelligence technologies leveraging field data and satellite imagery for accurate crop status assessment.

Presia's focus is on providing reliable in-season crop performance data, aiding in more accurate yield estimates and crop monitoring efficiency. The team, based in Ontario and Eastern Canada, comprises data scientists and software developers with extensive experience in crop-monitoring technologies, primarily in potatoes.

While currently focusing on potatoes, plans are underway to extend these insights to other specialty crops. Presia aims to support plant health, crop quality, and track regenerative agriculture practices, offering tailor-made solutions to partners based on regional and variety-specific nuances.

This innovative approach by McCain Foods is set to revolutionize the agricultural sector, offering new avenues for sustainable and efficient farming practices.

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