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Mexico a top destination for Sask. ag

Mexico a top destination for Sask. ag

Total Sask. exports to Mexico topped $1 billion in 2022

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

Saskatchewan agriculture played a pivotal role in helping exports to Mexico reach a significant milestone.

In 2022, total exports from Saskatchewan to Mexico exceeded $1 billion for the first time.

Of that value, agri-food exports accounted for 97 per cent of all Sask. exports to Mexico. The top three products Saskatchewan exported to Mexico in 2022 were canola oil, canola seed and wheat.

Canola seed alone made up 54.5 per cent of total exports to Mexico, valued at more than $557 million.

This is an example of Saskatchewan’s strength as a trading partner, said David Marit, the provincial ag minister.

"Our province continues to have what the world needs, a consistent and reliable supply of sustainable agri-food products," Marit said in a statement. "These strong numbers show that trade and investment offices have expanded our international networks and helped increase the value of our exports."

Saskatchewan opened an international office in Mexico City in 2022.

That year, Minister Marit also traveled to Mexico seeking investment into the agriculture and energy sectors.

When countries invest in Saskatchewan, the whole province sees the benefits, said Jeremy Harrison, minister of trade and export development.

"We're sharing Saskatchewan's story around the world, and the world is listening," he said in a statement. "Advancing Saskatchewan's trade interests while strengthening existing partnerships benefits all of Saskatchewan.

Since 2012, Saskatchewan’s total exports have grown by $20 billion.

And the provincial government’s 2030 Growth Plan includes increasing value-added ag revenue to $10 billion.

The plan also calls for increasing the number of countries where Sask. exports exceed $1 billion.

In addition, Saskatchewan is opening a new international office this year in Germany.

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