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Mar 28, 2019
By Leslie Stewart


By: Leslie Stewart |

John Deere recently expanded their lineup of 6-Series tractors with the new 6230R and 6250R.

The new tractors are more powerful than ever before, delivering 230 and 250 rated engine horsepower respectfully. On the larger 6250R, producers can factor in power bulge and John Deere Intelligent Power Management (IPM) to reach up to 300 horsepower.

“Livestock, dairy, and hay producers will appreciate the power of these tractors, especially when they need to haul heavy loads or want to reach optimal transport speed more quickly.” said Anne Anderson, product marketing manager for John Deere in a recent release.

 The 6230R and 6250R come equipped with an Infinitely Variable Transmission (IVT). Producers can choose between an IVT capable of a 25-mph top speed or one capable of 31-mph.

Operators can use the stepless IVT to match the exact speed for their application ranging from 0.03 mph to 25-31 mph.

“The IVT lets operators choose the optimal speed for implement performance or transport,” Anderson explained.

“Since they’re shifting less to adjust speed, they can focus more attention on implement performance or other important tasks.”

Both models are equipped with Triple-Link Suspension™ (TLS) Plus, two double-acting-control cylinders that can work independently or together to lessen shock loads, while suppling a constant downforce on the axle for increased traction.

TLS Plus™ offers three different modes for added comfort and performance:

  • Auto mode reacts to changes in speed, draft characteristics, and the weight of implements to provide an optimal ride.
  • Max mode provides maximum suspension stiffness for loader work.
  • Manual mode allows the operator to raise or lower the tractor’s suspension to attach front implements more easily.  

Producers have the option of adding the CommandPRO™ joystick to their tractor.

The CommandPRO™ features 11 customizable buttons for tractor and implement control and allows farmers to control their speed and direction.

“The CommandPRO™ is a new way of controlling the tractor,” Steven Reynolds told

                   Steven Reynolds, Precision Ag Manager for Huron Tractor

Reynolds is the Precision Ag Manager for Huron Tractor, working out of their Exeter, Ont. office.

“I’m really excited about this feature and our customers will be too.”

John Deere included their premium JDLink™ telematics with their new tractors.

With the JDLink™, producers can track the location of their machine, monitor engine hours, and analyze their machine and fuel usage. For added security, farmers can also create a geofence and issue curfew alerts.


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