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Neogen Licenses Cargill’s Livestock Genomic Patents

By Amanda Brodhagen,

Cargill and Branhaven LLC announced an agreement to licence Neogen Corp, their patented BeefGen genomics technology, to enhance meat and milk production in beef and dairy cattle.

Neogen will use BeefGen tools through its GeneSeek subsidiary to work with cattle producers to improve their herds through bovine genetic data, which will be used for breeding and livestock management.

“Cargill is excited to enter into this license agreement with Neogen to ensure that the work started over a decade ago by Cargill and its partners is utilized in the marketplace more broadly,” said George Kwasniak, vice president of business development for Cargill's animal protein group.

These genetic tools are useful to beef producers in optimizing certain factors such as weight gain, marbling, tenderness and other desirable characteristics. Dairy farmers will be able to use the technology to improve milk production and other important factors related to the dairy industry.

“Cargill has used this technology at its feedlots and we are confident these tools will help the beef and dairy industries to increase productivity while reducing the resources required to produce each pound of meat and each gallon of milk,” explains Kwasniak.

Specific terms of the license agreement were not disclosed.  

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