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New guide boosts agricultural career education

By: takes a significant step in agricultural education with its second edition U.S. Classroom Implementation Guide. This edition is a testament to the company's dedication to developing future talent in the agriculture and food sectors. 

This updated guide is an essential resource for educators, enriching their teaching toolkit with lesson plans, activities, and a wealth of information to help students navigate and prepare for careers in agriculture. It aligns with the U.S. Agriculture & Food Career Guide, offering a cohesive educational experience. 

New guide boosts agricultural career education

The guide's main objectives are to acquaint students with valuable career preparation tools, highlight the importance of readiness for various career-related events, and encourage research into the diverse opportunities within agricultural careers. This versatility makes the guide an excellent resource for a wide range of educational levels, from middle school to college. 

Available for free download, the guide is easily accessible for immediate classroom implementation. It bridges the gap between academic learning and practical career preparation, linking students directly to internship opportunities and entry-level positions in the agriculture and food industries. 

The accompanying Agriculture & Food Career Guide is a significant resource for students and young professionals across North America, highlighting educational content and branding opportunities for agricultural organizations. 

View the guides on the website. 

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