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New Holland Unveils Revolutionary CR11 Combine

New Holland Unveils Revolutionary CR11 Combine

Next-Gen Harvester Boosts Efficiency, Reduces Harvesting Costs

By Ryan Ridley

J Cole Sanford, Cash Crop Product Specialist for New Holland, recently showcased the all-new CR11 Combine to the audience, a significant launch for model year 2025.  

This machine underscores New Holland's commitment to innovation, offering a fresh perspective on reducing the total cost of harvesting. Sanford says the CR11 combines efficiency and productivity in a way that revolutionizes the agricultural machinery industry. 

The CR11 is built on a foundation of cutting-edge design, starting with a blank slate to rethink harvesting efficiency. Central to its design are twin 24-inch rotors and a powerful engine boasting 775 horsepower, coupled with a generous grain tank capacity of 567 bushels.  

Sanford says one of the standout features is the all-new designed residue system capable of spreading up to 60 feet, ensuring an even distribution critical for next year's crop. 

Customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive shares Sanford, highlighting the CR11's incorporation of new technologies that make it the most productive combine New Holland has ever built.  

The innovative twin rotor system and a redesigned cleaning system ensure optimal flow and distribution of crops, adjusting automatically to reduce losses regardless of terrain or crop load. 

A groundbreaking addition to the CR11 is its radar sensing residue system, which automatically adjusts the spread of chaff and residue to match the width of the header or the impact of wind conditions. This feature ensures full coverage without the need for operator input, allowing the driver to focus on the tasks at hand. 

Moreover, the CR11 is equipped to handle the demands of larger machines and higher capacities, with a focus on larger grain tanks to accommodate higher yields explains Sanford. The machine's unload auger system operates at an impressive six bushels per second, significantly reducing downtime in the field. 

In partnership with MacDon, New Holland also introduces the FD250, a 50-foot header that complements the CR11's capabilities, enhancing throughput and efficiency even further.  

This combination promises a seamless, high-performance harvesting experience. 

Watch the video below to learn more about New Holland's CR11 Combine. 

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