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New Logo Helps Consumers Identify Canadian Chicken in the Grocery Store

By Amanda Brodhagen,

Chicken Farmers of Canada launched a new logo that will make it easier for consumers to identify Canadian chicken in the grocery store. The logo which reads “Raised by a Canadian Farmer,” shows a picture of a red chicken with a white maple leaf in the middle of the chicken. The new look is being rolled out in grocery stores across the country.

The logo will help prompt consumers to know that the chicken bearing the logo has been raised on a Canadian farm. Often consumers find themselves overwhelmed by the choices in the grocery store and the bright logo will help them narrow down their choices if they want to buy Canadian meat products, in this case chicken.

In order to bring awareness about the new logo, Chicken Farmers of Canada are creating social media buzz. Including a contest and a “Twitter Party.” For the contest they have partnered with CityLine for chicken lovers to enter for a chance to win a $5,000 backyard makeover – to help make your grilling experience that much more enjoyable. The second is a Twitter Party which will be held on June 25th. The hashtag for the event is #RaisedByACDNFarmer and it will start 9pm (ET).

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