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New milk marketing campaign launched in Ontario

New milk marketing campaign launched in Ontario

Dairy Farmers of Ontario launch new Everybody Milk marketing campaign.

By Andrew Joseph,; Image courtesy of the Dairy Farmers of Ontario

Everyone knows about the “Got Milk?” North American marketing campaign launched nearly 30 years ago in 1993 to remind people that milk is a cool drink that adults should be drinking.

The Got Milk? ads were weird, funny, and popular and used many well-known actors and celebrities in its marketing over the years, including fictional superspy Austin Powers (played by Toronto icon Mike Myers), supermodel Heidi Klum, and even a young Michael Bay (director of Bad Boys, The Rock, the Transformers movie franchise, etc) who directed one of the earlier ads.

Its success to get people to drink more of the moo juice, however, is debatable—fewer people drink milk these days, but more are enjoying it further processed into edibles like cheese and yogurts, which has helped grow the dairy industry.

It’s something the Dairy Farmers of Ontario noticed, moo-ving in a different direction, launching this month its new “Everybody Milk” campaign where not everyone involved is drinking the product.

Everybody Milk appears to be an inclusive campaign inviting all Ontarians to celebrate their love for milk in a fun way to hopefully increase its consumption.

Via the Everybody Milk marketing campaign, the Dairy Farmers of Ontario will continue to show people from all walks of life declaring their love for milk and all the ways they enjoy it.

From a cold glass of milk to ice cream or melted cheese, the Dairy Farmers of Ontario want to show that milk is a love that can’t be denied.

The campaign kicked off on October 10, 2022, with 30- and 15-second television ads, along with an influx on a whole gamut of platforms such as online video ads, social media, influencers, public relations, billboards, digital advertising, traditional radio, and Spotify audio.

Unlike the people who first saw the Got Milk? ads back in 1993, the Everybody Milk ads recognize that people today use multiple platforms to consume their media.   

The Dairy Farmers of Ontario said that more plans to push the new campaign will soon be revealed.

We all herd (sic) the Got Milk? question. Now let’s hear from the Everybody Milk statement.

Watch one of the new Everybody Milk commercials below:


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