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Niagara Wineries to Soon Produce Premium Reds with Italian Drying Technique

Ontario Wineries Bring Appassimento Technique to Niagara Region

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Two wineries in Ontario’s Niagara region are working on developing new drying room facilities to produce premium reds that have traditionally been done in Italy. The appassimento technique has been used to produce Amarone wines that are known for their intensified flavours.  The two wineries that are leading the way with Niagara wineries first of its kind drying room are Rennie Estate Winery and Angles Gate Winery, that’s in partnership with Vineland Research and Innovation Centre.

Once the drying rooms have been constructed, they will be able to be temperature controlled and will manage humidity and air flow. The ultimate goal of this project is to create a large-scale cooperative facility. Winemakers in the region are interested in the appassimento technique, but don’t want to invest in an individual facility that would only be used for 60 to 120 days a year.

If the processes behind the creation of these premium wines prove to be successful, these wines could ultimately increase Canada’s competitiveness in the export wine market.


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