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NPPC calls for feds to resolve trade dispute

NPPC calls for feds to resolve trade dispute

Producers appreciate help from the aid package but also want an end to the trade war

By Kate Ayers
Staff Writer

The National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) applauds the government for its support of the pork industry during the trade disputes but wants swift resolution to the trade wars.

“U.S. pork producers and their families are in dire financial straits as 40 percent of exports are currently under punitive tariffs,” Jim Monroe, NPPC’s senior communications director, said to today.

“It’s an unstable situation and we commend President Trump for making good on his commitment to watch out for the interests of American farmers with this short-term measure.”

The USDA announced the details of the $12 billion aid package for American farmers yesterday, which has a budget for the pork industry, an NPPC release said yesterday.

This package includes a nearly $559 million purchase of pork for federal and child nutrition programs, $200 million for developing markets for American agricultural products and some direct payments to farmers, the release said.

Indeed, all eligible U.S. pork producers will receive $8 per hog based on 50 percent of the number of animals they owned on Aug. 1.   

U.S. pork exports to China dropped 9 percent through June – mainly because of the additional 50 percent retaliatory tariff China imposed on American pork, the release said.

Exports to Mexico have also fallen since that country imposed a 20 percent duty in July.

NPPC is pushing for the administration to swiftly settle a new trade agreement with Mexico, restoring the zero-tariff rate on pork products, the release said. Officials have achieved progress in this area as U.S. and Mexico announced agreement on a framework for a new trade deal yesterday as well.

“While we recognize the complexities of resetting U.S. trade policy, we hope that U.S. pork will soon regain the chance to compete on a level playing field in key markets around the globe,” Monroe said.

“The United States produces the safest, highest quality and most affordable pork in the world. … When we compete on a level field, we do very well, delivering considerable benefits to the U.S. economy.”

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