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Gaining new industry knowledge

Gaining new industry knowledge

Swine experts will share latest information and research at annual event

By Kaitlynn Anderson
Staff Writer

Ontario pig farmers have another opportunity to stay updated on important swine industry topics at the annual Shakespeare Swine Seminar.

OMAFRA and Ontario Pork will host the Sept. 19 event, where producers can gain knowledge to benefit their operations.

“The Shakespeare Swine Seminar strives to provide practical and timely information on a wide range of topics of importance to Ontario swine producers,” Tim Blackwell, OMAFRA’s lead swine veterinarian, told today.

Multiple industry experts will offer presentations on  “managing farm workers, addressing tail biting issues, advances in gas monitoring, reducing stillbirths, optimising lactation feed intake … (and) using oral fluids to diagnose PRRS,” Blackwell said.

Attendees will also learn about new diseases, such as “Haemagglutinating and Encephalomyelitis virus, tracheitis, and lymphadenopathy at slaughter,” he said.

Ontario Pork will also update participants on the status of the Pig Trace program.

While Ontario Pork usually hosts the event at the Optimists Hall in Shakespeare, the organization will hold this year’s program at the Festival Inn in Stratford.

If producers call 877-424-1300 or email the Agricultural Information Contact Centre to pre-register for the event before Sept. 17, the cost to attend is $35. Additional guests from each farm can participate for $20.

Otherwise, producers must pay $45 at the door.



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