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Oklahoma agriculture producers eligible for USDA value-added grants


The USDA invites Oklahoma agricultural producers to enhance their product offerings through the Value-Added Producer Grant program. With a fund of $1.25 million available, this competitive grant aims to assist producers in converting their commodities into value-added products, thereby increasing their marketability and profitability. 

In a push to support Oklahoma's agribusiness, the USDA has successfully funded projects for American Heritage Beef, Jackson Angus Beef, and Miller Pecan Company this year, enabling them to expand their operations and directly reach consumers. This initiative underlines the USDA's commitment to bolstering the agricultural economy by supporting projects that have a broad impact on the sector. 

Applications are open to a wide array of entities involved in agriculture, including individual producers, aiming to diversify and enrich Oklahoma's agricultural landscape. The program offers financial assistance for marketing strategies, packaging development, and essential working capital needed to grow and thrive in competitive markets. 

Highlighted success stories include grant recipients focusing on innovative agricultural practices and product marketing strategies, from pasture-raised beef to packaged pecans, illustrating the diverse opportunities the grants provide. 

The USDA Rural Development office in Stillwater is prepared to guide producers through the application process, offering resources and support to ensure successful grant submissions. This opportunity aims to lessen operational costs for existing businesses and encourages new ventures within the agricultural community. 

This program represents a vital resource for Oklahoma's agricultural producers looking to maximize their products' value and reach in both domestic and international markets.

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