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Olymel closing two pork processing plants

Olymel closing two pork processing plants

The facilities in Blainville and Laval will close

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

Two pork processing plants in Canada are closing.

On Feb. 1, Olymel announced the closures of pork processing facilities in Blainville and Laval in Quebec.

“This decision, which is part of a reorganization undertaken in 2021 and is aimed at optimizing operations, will unfortunately result in the loss of 170 jobs in total,” the company’s announcement says.

These facilities helped create hams, pâtés and deli meats under La Tour Eiffel, Nostrano, Alpina, Chef Georges and other brands.

Olymel is closing these locations because other existing facilities can accommodate their production.

“The decision to close our two processing plants in Blainville and Laval is part of the reorganization that began more than a year ago and is due to the ability of other facilities to produce the same products and therefore achieve savings and efficiencies,” Yanick Gervais, president and CEO of Olymel, said in the company’s announcement.

The plants in Blainville and Laval will be operational until April 28. Olymel is offering employees opportunities to relocate to other facilities and setting up a committee to help employees interested in changing careers.

This announcement comes after Olymel cut 177 Quebec jobs in October 2022.

Olymel also has plants in Ontario, New Brunswick, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

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