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Online tool simplifies biogas suitability assessment for Canadian farmers

By Jean-Paul McDonald

The Canadian Biogas Association has unveiled a online tool,, designed to assist Canadian farmers in evaluating whether biogas production is a viable option for their farm. This user-friendly Self-Assessment Tool aims to provide quick insights into the feasibility of integrating biogas into their agricultural operations.

On-farm biogas systems employ anaerobic digestion to recycle livestock manure and crop residue, yielding biogas that can be converted into renewable electricity or renewable natural gas. These systems not only enable farmers to manage on-farm materials efficiently but also capture methane, thereby reducing their environmental footprint. They also offer an additional source of revenue for agricultural enterprises.

Jennifer Green, the Executive Director of the Canadian Biogas Association, emphasized the importance of this tool, stating, "A key question farmers ask but can't easily find the answer to is, 'Is my farm suitable for a viable biogas facility?' This new Self-Assessment Tool can help farmers assess if there is a fit for their farm and help them learn what factors matter and what questions to ask if they are interested in building an anaerobic digester."

The Self-Assessment Tool represents the initial step for farmers embarking on the journey of exploring biogas production for their farms. The online platform simplifies the assessment process, focusing on three crucial areas:

· Location Suitability: Does their farm have an ideal location for biogas production?

· Sufficient Feedstock: Do they produce enough livestock manure and crop residue to sustain biogas production?

· Market and Infrastructure: Is their farm equipped with the necessary market access and infrastructure for biogas utilization?

Green added, "There are a wide variety of anaerobic digestion systems available, offering a fit for many types of farms. Farmers have many factors to consider as they evaluate their farm's suitability for a biogas facility, and the new online Self-Assessment Tool will be a great place to start."

This initiative received partial funding through the Clean Fuels Awareness project funding administered by Natural Resources Canada.

The Canadian Biogas Association is a member-driven industry organization dedicated to supporting the diverse needs of the biogas and renewable natural gas (RNG) sector. Its mission is to foster the growth of a strong and robust biogas and RNG industry in Canada, promoting sustainability and innovation in agriculture.

With, Canadian farmers can now easily explore the potential of biogas on their farms, contributing to both environmental sustainability and economic growth in the agricultural sector.

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