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Palmerston’s Marquardt Farm Drainage celebrates 50 years in business

Being fair to clients is a key factor to success

By Ryan Ridley Branded Content
Marquardt Farm Drainage is celebrating 50 years of operation with a look back at the origins of the business.
In the late 1950s, three Ontario brothers began tiling their farms to gain higher yields and improve their crops. After seeing the quality work, it did not take long for neighbouring farmers to begin requesting the same for their operations.
A few years later, the brothers turned their local tiling operation into a full-time business and eventually incorporated in 1968 as B&E Marquardt Tiling Contractors Ltd. 
Steve Cronsberry, current owner, joined the team in 1981 and purchased the business from Earl Marquardt in 1988, changing the name to Marquardt Farm Drainage Ltd.
Now with 15 employees, Steve has expanded the business from one plow to three, to provide professional drainage design and installation services.
The majority of Marquardt’s clients are still farmers, but there’s been expansion into municipalities installing drains. They have constructed these municipal drains in Palmerston and surrounding communities throughout Southern Ontario.

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Marquardt Farm Drainage focuses on the processes and design that goes into each project.
To get the results clients need, Steve uses his 37-plus years of experience to ensure that the best solution is brought forward and is done in a cost-effective manner. 
“The professionalism on the design and installation of our drainage systems and our customer satisfaction,” are the business factors that Steve values most.
“These two go hand-in-hand as people see the professionalism that we put into our drainage systems and in return, want to continue working with us.”
Steve adds, “I gauge our success in the feedback we get. Communicating with clients is very important and it is shown through our customer retention.”
Any business advice to share?
“Being successful has a lot to do with being fair to the client and working hard to provide them with what they deserve. 
“When doing a job, it is important to do the job right but in a timely manner, as weather allows, and to treat each job and client with respect.”
In coming years, Steve plans on updating his equipment while keeping his focus on retaining customers. 
For more information visit or call 519-741-6467.

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