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Producers help fellow farmer in need

Producers help fellow farmer in need

Greg Webb’s neighbors lent a hand after he received news about his health

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

Farmers from the U.S. Midwest lent a fellow grower support after he received some health news.

A group of farmers from Ullin, Ill., helped Greg Webb finish planting his corn last week after he was diagnosed with lymphoma.

Between a mix of doctor’s appointments, bad weather and not feeling well overall, Webb’s crops had taken a back seat.

But farmers in the community stepped up to ensure Webb would have enough acres to harvest in the fall.

“When we were coming down the road (and) there were like nine tractors in my fields,” Webb told KFVS12. “Disking, and planning and just going at it. And that was quite a shock. I had about 300 acres left to plant. And they actually came in here and wiped that out.”

The gesture of kindness may have made local news, but for local farmers, helping out is second nature.

“It’s just something you do,” said Chuck Clark, one of the producers who helped on Webb’s farm. “That’s just part of this community. I mean, it’s important because you’re helping a brother out. And helping him get what he needs done, even in his time of not so good.” has contacted members of the Illinois farming community for comment.

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