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Residue Management Upgrades on New Holland’s CR11

Residue Management Upgrades on New Holland’s CR11

Redesigned System Now Includes Radar 

By Ryan Ridley

As harvesting headers continue to grow, managing residue is more important than ever. 

New Holland understands this and has designed an advanced residue management system to tackle the challenges posed by wider headers, explains J Cole Sanford, cash crop product specialist with New Holland. 

Traditionally, wider headers in Class 10 and up machines present distribution challenges. However, the CR11's radar-based system optimizes residue management for equal distribution. It senses material distribution and adjusts in real-time, ensuring even spread across the full header width. 

“All we do is input into the system the header width and then the machine goes to work,” says Sanford. 

Notably, the system minimizes losses by preventing excessive residue spread, averting damage to standing crops. It's a proactive approach, addressing common industry concerns while reducing operator workload. 

The CR11 also adapts to factors like wind. The system will automatically adjust for cross wind situations where you may need more residue spread on one side versus the other, adds Sanford. 

This autonomous operation allows operators to focus on what’s happening on the front of the combine, confident in the machine's ability to handle residue management. 

The CR11 by New Holland will be available in model year 2025. You can expect a combination of technology, efficiency, productivity, and ease of use with this next-gen combine. 

Watch the below video to learn more about residue management. 

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