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Serving up support for Ont.’s ag industry

Serving up support for Ont.’s ag industry

Corteva Agriscience brought a taco truck to three Ontario agribusinesses

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

A crop input company brought warm meals to Ontario’s ag community this week.

Representatives from Brevant, a seed brand of Corteva Agriscience, served up fresh tacos to farmers and ag retail employees to show thanks for the business they provide and the long hours they work.

“Farmers and retailers put in long days, especially at this time of year,” Bethany McIntyre, communications specialist at Corteva Agriscience, told during the taco truck’s stop at Sharpe Farm Supplies in Guelph, Ont. on Thursday. “We’re not here to sell anything, it’s just a small gesture for us to say thanks and provide a warm meal to get through the day.”

The truck made stops at Thompsons Ltd. locations in Granton and Mitchell, Ont. on Wednesday. The team will also travel to Wellandport, Kent Bridge, Pain Court and Moose Creek, Ont.

Hungry employees appreciated the taco lunch.

“It’s definitely nice,” Jeremy Schotsman, a seed specialist at Sharpe’s, told “We’ve got members of our field team who couldn’t be here because they’re out combining, so we’ll be sure to take them a few boxes of tacos to make sure they feel the love too.”

In his role, Schotsman deals directly with farmers. Producers have mixed feelings about this growing season, he said.

“Farmers tell me soybean yields aren’t where they should be but they’re also not terrible,” he said. “Nobody is particularly happy, but nobody is overly disappointed either.”

So, why did Brevant choose to serve tacos?

Because the handheld food offering does a good job of highlighting the industry, McIntyre said.

“Every bite you take out of the taco speaks to a message of innovation,” she said. “You’ve got the corn tortilla, which is made from corn hybrids that are bred to be easier to process. We picked the taco because it has so many layers that can tell the story of agriculture, which is exciting for us.”

The taco truck is part of an expanded outreach effort.

“Farmers and farm retailers know the story of agriculture, so we don’t need to explain it to them,” she said. “But some people don’t. So, don’t be surprised if the Brevant taco truck pops up in other (non-ag) places.”

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