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Sharing the land - Solar power and farming can coexist

Agrivoltaics emerges as a solution in farmland vs. solar debate


The rise of solar energy presents a challenge - it often requires converting farmland into solar panel fields. A new approach called "agrivoltaics" offers a way to have both solar power and agriculture.

The push for solar energy is creating a conflict with preserving farmland. This debate involves policymakers, industry groups, and lawmakers as they work on the 2024 Farm Bill.

A promising solution lies in agrivoltaics. This method allows for solar panels to be placed strategically on farmland, enabling both solar energy generation and continued crop production on the same land.

The pressure to convert farmland to solar is likely to continue. The American Farmland Trust estimates that millions of acres could be lost to solar panels, raising concerns about food security.

Agrivoltaics offers a potential compromise. By allowing for shared land use, it could help ensure a future with both clean energy and sustainable food production. The 2024 Farm Bill could play a role in promoting and encouraging the development of agrivoltaics.

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