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Soybean growers needed for field trials

Aim of the trials is to look at weed resistance challenges

By Diego Flammini,

It’s safe to say that there’s room for improvement and innovation in every industry.

Vehicle makers are always looking for ways to make cars more fuel efficient and user friendly, and technology giant Apple is releasing a watch this year that could replace most smartphones.

Valent USA, an organization that makes herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and other agricultural products, is partnering with the American Soybean Association and inviting growers to participate in field trials to help with weed resistance.

The program will target soybean fields, and farmers will be using Valent’s Fierce XLT herbicide.

The trials for the 2015 planting season will assess the herbicide’s performance as part of a pre-plant burndown or pre-emergence application. The hope is that participants will see a greater yield by controlling glyphosate-resistant weeds such as giant ragweed, horseweed, waterhemp and Palmer Amaranth. Valent will provide the herbicide for all acres that are part of the trial.

The program is open to farmers in five states – Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Missouri and Ohio. They’re looking to enroll about 75 farmers for the trials.

After the trial program is complete, participants will receive a report documenting their results. If a farmer reports their yield results and weed control by species, they’ll be eligible to receive prizes including a $100 Visa gift card and a Fierce XLT jacket.

Farmers who wish to enroll must do so by March 20.

Join the discussion and tell us if you’re planning to participate in the trials. Be sure to follow-up after the planting season and share your results.


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