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SprayIT app from Pentair allows for more accurate spraying

Over 400 chemicals in the app’s database

By Diego Flammini,

Mobile devices and mobile applications are the way of the future in every industry.

From flyers and calorie intake, to professional sports teams and even if it’s dark outside, there really is an app for everything.

In keeping up with the ever-changing app platforms, Pentair released a new version of its Hypro SprayIT app.

The app will suggest the best spraying tip based on the chemical you are choosing. With over 400 chemicals in the database, farmers might not have a hard time finding the one they’re using.

Spray tips include broadcast, fertilizer, misting, air blast and others.

“Hypro’s goal is to take the guesswork out of nozzle selection, and allow the grower to spray with confidence. Our new innovative application has accomplished this by coupling our industry leading nozzle technologies with the grower’s specific application and chemistry for optimum results” said Dave Furlong, Global Director for Pentair in a release.

Users can also adjust for speed, application rates and even droplet sizes to make sure the proper spray tips are being used.

“We have researched hundreds of chemicals to determine the best spray tip to use based on the droplet recommendations given on the label” said Wayne Steward, Spray Tip Product Manager for Pentair in a release.

The app is available for Apple and Android products and comes in a variety of languages too.

Be sure to check out some new mobile apps for the upcoming planting and harvesting seasons and a wide range of others on the apps page.

Join the discussion and tell us what farming apps you use. Will you download the new SprayIT app for your farming operation? If you do, let us know how it worked on your farm.

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