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Supercharging Canada's Livestock and Forage Research

Supercharging Canada's Livestock and Forage Research

University of Saskatchewan's Centre of Excellence Secures Funding to Supercharge Research Capacity

By Jean-Paul MacDonald

Photo Courtesy University of Saskatchewan

The Governments of Canada and Saskatchewan have joined forces to invest $6.6 million in the Livestock and Forage Centre of Excellence (LFCE) at the University of Saskatchewan.

This funding demonstrates a commitment to advancing the livestock and forage industries both within Saskatchewan and beyond.

The LFCE, under the leadership of Dr. Scott Wright, will serve as a hub for integrated research, education, and outreach in livestock and forage-related fields.

With state-of-the-art facilities and resources, including beef cattle, bison, grazing land, and laboratories, the centre will support scientists, students, and industry professionals in their pursuit of innovative solutions.

By addressing crucial aspects such as animal health and welfare, environmental sustainability, and producer profitability, the LFCE will contribute to the development and adoption of agricultural technologies and best practices.

It will foster collaboration among researchers, industry representatives, and government agencies, forming a robust network to drive advancements in the livestock and forage sectors.

The recent funding announcement, made by Saskatchewan Agriculture Minister David Marit and Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food Marie-Claude Bibeau, reinforces the crucial role of the livestock sector in Canada's agricultural industry.

Investments in research empower producers with tools to enhance resilience, overcome challenges, and seize new market opportunities. Marit emphasized the importance of the livestock industry in achieving provincial economic growth targets, praising the LFCE's commitment to innovative work that ensures global competitiveness and leadership in best practices.

At the LFCE's Summer Field Day, attended by over 200 stakeholders, scientists, and industry professionals, researchers presented their ongoing projects, ranging from manure management to genetic selection and drone utilization in agronomy.

The event showcased the breadth and depth of research conducted at the centre and provided a platform for knowledge exchange.

This partnership, with a 60-40 cost-sharing arrangement, aims to strengthen Canada's agri-food and agri-products sectors, promoting sustainable growth and innovation.

Fostering research, education, and collaboration, the centre will play a pivotal role in driving sustainable growth, supporting producer resilience, and securing Canada's position as a global leader in agriculture.

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