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Turning a passion for fitness into a business on the farm

Turning a passion for fitness into a business on the farm
Mar 06, 2023
By Denise Faguy
Assistant Editor, North American Content,

Farm Fit Momma Amanda Nigg helps farms stay healthy

Denise Faguy,

When Amanda Nigg was growing up in Western Nebraska, she never imagined she would end up on a crop farm.  Today, she farms with her husband on his fifth-generation farm in South Dakota.

Many farmers are entrepreneurs, but Nigg’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through in her role as Farm Fit Momma.  

With Farm Fit Momma, Nigg provides farmers and their family with on-farm tools and strategies to help them get, and stay, in shape – losing weight, strengthening muscles, and ensure mental well-being. 

Nigg’s recognized that as the size of farms grows, farmers spend more in more time in the cab of their tractor or other farm equipment, or in an office managing the farm.  Combine that with technology innovations, and it may mean that today a farmer gets less exercise than the generation of farmers before them.

Nigg’s business is unique in that she developed the fitness program (on an app) specifically for people who live and work on a farm.  Signing up for the program means that farmers get access to virtual workouts as well as nutritional advice.  She tailors the programs to meet each participant’s fitness level as well as fitness goals.

She also uses training “equipment” that is commonly found on a farm.  She is well-known, for example, for using tractor tires as part of her fitness routine.  She recently partnered with Titan Tires to create a 30-day program to help build muscle and burn fat.

On International women’s day, Wednesday, March 8, 2023, we celebrate Nigg and all female entrepreneurs in agriculture.

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