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U.S. dairy sector seeks proactive trade policies for export growth


Dairy organizations in the United States are advocating for enhanced trade policies to support the industry's export growth and supply chain resilience. Tony Rice, Trade Policy Director for the National Milk Producers Federation, conveyed this message during a hearing with U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai.

In 2023, the U.S. dairy industry exported products valued at over $8 billion, supporting thousands of jobs and making a substantial contribution to the national economy. Rice highlighted the necessity of a proactive trade policy agenda to overcome global trade barriers and improve market access to key trading partners.

Rice emphasized, “An inclusive, worker-centered trade policy should reflect the central role that comprehensive trade agreements and American exports play for the ag economy and the many farmers and workers throughout the supply chain who rely on it.” He also recommended that the USTR include dairy-specific elements in trade negotiations to strengthen the supply chain.

The proposed trade policies aim to create a more resilient and competitive U.S. dairy industry. By tackling trade barriers and expanding market access, the industry can continue to grow and support the broader agricultural economy. Incorporating dairy-specific considerations in trade agreements is essential for sustaining the industry's growth and stability.

The U.S. dairy sector seeks stronger trade policies to reinforce its economic impact, ensure supply chain resilience, and maintain its global leadership. The industry's call for comprehensive and inclusive trade agreements underscores the need for strategic policy actions to support agricultural success.

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