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UFA Acquires 17% Stake in Canterra Seeds

UFA Acquires 17% Stake in Canterra Seeds

Canterra Seeds Strengthens Board with UFA Partnership


Canterra Seeds Holdings Ltd. (CANTERRA SEEDS) announced that United Farmers of Alberta Co-operative Limited (UFA) has acquired a 17% stake in the company from Ceres Global Ag Corp. (Ceres).

This move strengthens CANTERRA SEEDS' board of directors with the appointment of Scott Bolton, UFA President and CEO, while Ceres' representative, Jeff Wildeman, resigns.

“Ceres was looking to streamline their asset footprint and focus on their core business, "said Brent Derkatch, Canterra Seeds President & CEO. “UFA is already a key partner of CANTERRA SEEDS, and when the opportunity presented itself to ingrain themselves in our seed business further, they jumped on it.”

CANTERRA SEEDS, headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba, boasts a diverse ownership structure that includes Limagrain, 175 seed growers, ag retailers, and private investors. The company is a leader in Western Canada, offering a broad portfolio of field seeds like canola, cereals, pulses, and specialty crops.

They source top-quality seeds through partnerships with plant breeding institutions, including Limagrain Cereals Research Canada (LCRC), a joint venture formed in 2015 with Limagrain, the world's fourth-largest seed company.

UFA's investment is driven by CANTERRA SEEDS' commitment to developing new varieties and high-performing genetics tailored to the prairies. "This investment allows us to focus more on research and innovation, delivering greater value to our members and customers," said Scott Bolton.

The change in ownership won't affect daily operations for either company. Canterra Seeds welcomes UFA's addition to its diverse shareholder group, seeking partners who contribute to the success of Western Canadian farmers.

“Canterra Seeds was built on close, collaborative partnerships,” says Jim Wilson, Canterra Seeds Chairman. “Along with farmer-owned Limagrain, we now have a company stakeholder that has deep roots in the Canadian Prairies like us; founded on trust and exceptional customer service – we’re happy to have UFA on board.”

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