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US seeks new markets for meat exports

US meat industry looks to diversify markets amid China slowdown


The US meat industry is setting its sights on Central Asia as a new market for its products. This shift comes as China, a major US meat importer, has been buying significantly less beef and poultry this year.

To tap into Central Asian markets, the US recently secured agreements with Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. Uzbekistan agreed to allow US meat imports, while Kazakhstan will certify more US meat production facilities. These deals follow a meeting between US trade officials and Central Asian nations.

The decline in Chinese demand is attributed to factors like increased competition and trade tensions. The US has found success in other markets. For instance, US beef exports to Mexico have reached a 10-month high. Similarly, the poultry industry has seen growth in countries like Vietnam and the Philippines.

Despite these bright spots, the US poultry sector is still struggling to fully replace the lost Chinese market. This underscores the ongoing challenge for US agriculture in diversifying its meat export destinations.

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