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Vilsack Announces 41 Cattlemens Beef Board Appointments

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has appointed 41 members to serve three-year terms on the Cattlemen’s Beef Promotion and Research Board.

The appointees will comprise of a 103-member board, which is recognized by the 1985 Beef Promotion and Research Act. The agriculture secretary chooses names which are nominated by industry groups. Research and promotion programs are industry funded, which is certified by Congress.

The newly appointed members include:

  • James H. Smith, Springfield, Ark.
  • Joanne M. Stanko, Steamboat Springs, Colo.
  • Bradley E. Etheridge, Williston, Fla.
  •  Lynn C. Keetch, Montpelier, Idaho
  • Jeanne L. Harland, LaFayette, Ill.
  • Donald E. Gurtner, Fremont, Ind.
  • Kent E. Pruismann, Rock Valley, Iowa
  • Brian L. Sampson, Nevada, Iowa.
  • Beth G. Patterson, Yates City, Kan.
  •  Brittany J. Howell, LaCrosse, Kan.
  • Julianna G. Jepson, Franklin, Ky.
  •  Steven H. Matthees, Goodhue, Minn.
  • Brenda L. Black, Deepwater, Mo.
  • Howard W. Hardecke, Springfield, Mo.
  • Leo McDonnell, Columbus, Mont.
  •  David J. Wright, Neligh, Neb.
  • Albert T. Davis, Hyannis, Neb.
  • Patricia J. Bilkowsky, Madison, N.Y.
  • James M. Schmidt, Menoken, N.D.
  • Peter J. Guglielmino, Kettle Falls, Wash.
  • Davis W. Denman, Cortland, Ohio
  • Terry L. Detrick, Ames, Okla.
  • Chuck R. Coffey, Springer, Okla.
  • Patricia A. Venable, Klamath Falls, Ore.
  • Jana L. Malot, Harrisonville, Pa.
  • Vaughn R. Meyer, Reva, S.D.
  • Robert Q. Fountain, Jr., Adrian, Ga.
  • Max Bozeman, Jr., Elba, Ala.
  • James I. Maxey, Fresno, Calif.
  •  Michael T. Smith, Visalia, Calif.
  • Paul A. Moss, Cottage Grove, Tenn.
  • Chuck A. Kiker III, Beaumont, Texas
  • Steven J. Mafrige, Tilden, Texas
  • Anne I. Anderson, Austin, Texas
  • Janna D. Stubbs, Alpine, Texas
  • Tim R. Pennell, Westhott, Texas
  • Joseph W. Guthrie, Dublin, Va.
  • Lloyd DeRuyter, Cedar Grove, Wis.

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