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Virtual farm field trip - Nevada Ag Wagon takes you there

Virtual reality experience brings Nevada’s specialty crop farming to life.


Nevada’s agricultural richness extends beyond traditional sectors to include diverse specialty crops like potatoes, onions, and garlic. 

To showcase the importance of these crops and farming practices, the Nevada Farm Bureau introduced the Nevada Ag Wagon, a mobile educational platform featuring virtual reality experiences.

The exterior of the Ag Wagon showcases vibrant displays of Nevada’s specialty crops, inviting participants to step inside for an immersive journey through the farming process—from soil preparation and planting to cultivation and harvest.

Virtual simulations allow visitors to encounter the challenges faced by farmers, such as weather fluctuations and pest control, enhancing their understanding of agricultural operations.

Interactive features within the Ag Wagon, including touchscreen videos and educational quizzes, further engage participants and deepen their knowledge of crop cultivation techniques. “Our goal is to bridge the gap between consumers and agriculture, offering insights into the complexities of farming,” explained the Nevada Farm Bureau.

Future plans for the Ag Wagon include expanding its reach to encompass additional crops and regions across Nevada, as well as increasing participation in community events to broaden public awareness and appreciation for agricultural practices. 

Recognizing its innovative approach, the Nevada Ag Wagon was honored with the 2024 New Horizon Award from the American Farm Bureau Federation, underscoring its impact in agricultural education and outreach efforts.

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