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Working from the home office

Working from the home office

Farmers share tips on ensuring productivity

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

As officials try to stop COVID-19 from spreading, many people across Ontario are having their first experience working from home. But, for farmers, working from home is part of daily operations.

With that situation at top of mind, reached out to some members of Ontario’s ag community for tips on how to stay productive while working from the comfort of a home or farm office.

Scott Brown, who grows about 150 acres of cash crops in Simcoe County, dedicates a certain amount of time per week to office work.

“There’s always bills to pay so you can always find time to be in the office,” he told “For us, about two to three hours per week would take care of the paperwork we have. I just use an Excel spreadsheet and that seems to work out pretty well for keeping ourselves organized and on top of things.”

Some farmers are staying productive by changing the way they conduct their office business.

Carol Leeming, a poultry and cash crop producer from Huron County, is transitioning from a physical office space to a mobile office.

Some of her product suppliers want immediate payment instead of going through the billing process, meaning her cellphone has become her mini office.

“I’ve got a schedule on my phone and I’m doing more payments and getting more invoices through email than I was before,” she said. “It’s a change for me but operating this way helps me get more things done while still keeping track of invoices that come in.” wants to hear from you. Give us your suggestions for staying productive while working in the home or farm office.

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