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Young Farmers Use Earth Day as a Platform to Share their Stories

FarmOn Foundation Hopes to Inspire Young Farmers to Turn to Social Media to Share their Stories

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An Alberta-based organization, the FarmOn Foundation, which is behind the growing movement to inspire young farmers to share their own stories, has recently launched the Farm Voices project.

The group launched a video to help bring awareness about its Earth Day initiative set to take place April 22nd.  The purpose is to rally young farmers to engage in social media and share their experience as a farmer using the hastag #FARMVOICES.

“Young people have been at the forefront of every great social movement in history,” said Sarah Wray, a board member with the FarmOn Foundation in a press release. “The power of social media means that we now have the opportunity to effectively and powerfully speak for our own industry, directly to the audience we’re trying to engage.”

The organization’s larger goal is to kick off a movement led by young farmers who can lead the way towards change within the industry and help enhance awareness about agriculture and food among the Canadian public.

“Currently, 80% of the content found online about agriculture is not favourable,” said Wray. “That’s ridiculous and has a lot to do with the fact that farmers are not speaking up and being vocal about the industry they love. That has to change.”

More information about the FarmOn Foundation or it`s Earth Day call to action campaign can be found on their website.

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