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2021 Pig Spleen Weather Forecast is In

One of the more interesting weather forecasts was presented earlier this week, as the Pig Spleen Forecast was released and tells us what's in store for us weather-wise, this winter and into summer.
Jeff Woodward is the Pig Spleen Prognosticator from the Cobler Farm near Gull Lake, SK and his predictions have proved to be quite accurate in years past. The process begins by Woodward getting a single pig spleen from his free-range hog farm and predicts the weather by evaluating several parts of the spleen, including fat deposits, veins and overall form of the organ.
According to Woodward's findings, the first 10 days of January are said to be warmer than usual but will start to drop a few degrees before warming again to 'abnormally high temperatures' on January 20, which may bring with it some rain showers for the region.
More precipitation is said to be on the way towards the end of January on the 29th with Woodward calling for significant snowfall with temperatures falling as we head into February.
In February, the 6th and 26th look to be when we will experience some warmer weather with snowfall being predicted for the beginning of the month and again on the 15th, accompanied with high winds.
Woodward also said that there will be larger fluctuations in the weather that is experienced in the southwest, vs the south central.
Moving out of winter and into spring, Woodward said March is set to have declining temperatures in the first half of the month, followed by a warming in the last 10 days, that could bring rain or significant snowfall.
Woodward forecast that we will not yet be free and clear of snow by April, stating that around the 21st, we could see some more precipitation in the form of either rain or snow. Overall however, April is said to be above average as far as temperatures go for the most part with a steep decline happening around the 27th.
Producers can look forward to May rain according to the Pig Spleen Forecast with Woodward calling for rain on May 2, 18 and 21st. Temperatures throughout the month will go from cold to average and back to cooler than normal temperatures, ones that are said to continue through June.
Woodward believes June will be colder than we are used to with it being significantly colder towards the end of June which may also bring with it more rain for the regions.
In closing Woodward stated that this will be one of the toughest winters, however, not because of the weather... but because we can't play hockey.
So far, Woodward's forecast is proving itself to be true as we've had above average temperatures throughout most of the region. We will have to wait to see how the next few months play out to see just how accurate his reading will be this year.
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