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2023 Policy Conference concludes for cattle raisers

The Texas & Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association has just finished its 2023 Policy Conference. It was a hub of discussions and decisions to navigate the future of the cattle industry. 

Arthur Uhl, the president of the association, was thrilled about the event, calling it a “tremendous success.” Bring together cattle raisers to discuss and decide on matters that mean a lot to them. 

At the meeting, the members got to vote on various policies and even approved a strategic plan. This plan is set to steer the association’s direction all the way until 2029. 

They revisited the happenings of the 88th Texas Legislature Regular Session. The focus was on promoting several important policies and discussing upcoming agriculture-related propositions on the November ballot. 

One such important proposition is Proposition 1, aiming to anchor the Right to Farm statute in the Texas Constitution. The members acknowledged the journey ahead and the importance of voting in the upcoming weeks. 

Representing an impressive 26,000 cattle raisers in the Southwest, the association is a significant voice in the industry.  

Source : wisconsinagconnection

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