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4-H Clubs Using Different Means to Sell Animals During COVID-19

This time of year is usually quite busy with many 4-H kids preparing to show and sell their animals at their annual events around our area.
With COVID-19, things are quite a bit different for most of them.  The big show and sales have had to be cancelled or done differently to meet the restrictions put on by the province due to the pandemic.  There have been quite a few clubs that have went to privately selling their beef to locals instead of going through an auction.  Others have decided to do an auction but their buyers have had to bid online or by phone because of the restrictions.  In our area, the Hussar 4-H Beef Club have decided to sell their animals privately.  Janet Yule from the Hussar 4-H club explains how they have dealt with it for their club. "We set a hanging rail price as a suggested price for the kids to use. We are going to weigh them (the calves) in at a centralized location and do a small judging with them.  They can't judge for grooming and showmanship but one way that we can continue on with 4-H's mandate of learn to do by doing, they still raise them for confirmation."  
Yule explains why they decided to do it this way during the pandemic. "Being conscientious of the economy and the struggles they (traditional buyers) are going through, we just decided we would give them a year of reprieve, and always appreciate their support, and do hope that we can continue on again status quo next year."
The Stettler area 4-H clubs are holding their sale online tonight (May 19) starting at 7:00 pm.  The auction is going through the Stettler Auction Mart so for bidders, you can bid online through their website, through the phone at 403-742-2368, or you can watch the sale through the Stettler Auction Mart website.
The Rocky 4-H group are holding their sale online through the Innisfail Auciton Mart on Thursday, May 21, starting at 7:00.  You can bid on the animals through the website.
The group at the Central Beiseker 4-H Club are doing a timed auction that will be online through the DLMS system.  It will start at 9:00 am on June 12 and finish at 1:00 pm on June 13
Irricana 4-H Beef & Multi Club are holding their online auction for their sheep from May 28 through May 30.
Rockyford and Standard have sold out privately all of their animals as well as the group from Three Hills, Swalwell, Huxley, and Pine 4-H clubs.
The Hanna District are holding their sale online on June 13 and is live starting at 6:00 pm.
The Drumheller District groups are selling their animals privately as well at the groups from the Coronation and Consort areas.
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