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4-H Ontario Announces 2021 4-H Ontario Arbor Award Recipients

ROCKWOOD, ONT - 4-H Ontario is proud to announce the recipients of the 2021 4-H
OntarioArbor Award, sponsored by Bayer Crop Science, a prestigious honour recognizing exemplary volunteer service with 4-H Ontario and with the community. In 2021, the following three volunteers were recognized with this distinct award: Carol Williams (Peel 4-H Association), Joe Krol (Stormont 4-H Association) and Jean Morris (Perth 4-H Association).
Carol Williams
Carol Williams has been a Peel 4-H volunteer since 1991 and over the past 30 years, has led more than 66 clubs and assumed many leadership roles. As a dedicated, passionate and caring individual, Carol ensures that every 4-H member participating in one of her projects not only “Learns To Do By Doing”, but also enjoys themselves immensely while doing so.Noted by two of her 4-H members, “We feel confident that our ability to enter adulthood as independent and capable people is partly due to Carol and will always be grateful to her as a result”.
Carol hasfulfilledmany roles within the Peel 4-H Association, including Association Representative, Webmaster, Chair of the Ambassador Committee, Chair of the Peel 4-H Volunteer Recognition Committee, Chair of the 4-H Life Skills Classes and two-time President of the Peel 4-H Association.
“You will find Carol at almost all events with Peel 4-H members, on the side capturing the day’s events in pictures”, says Robert Matson, 4-H leader and Director.
Carol has also been involved with The Albion Bolton Agricultural Society, Region of Peel Agricultural Society and Caledon Agricultural Society, where she recognized the need to standardize the competitions and classes across all the Annual Fairs and competitions to ensure 4-H members could participate in as many of the competitions as they could. Additionally, Carol has been a “Go For The Gold” volunteer, Region 4 Discovery Day Volunteer, 4-H Ontario Magazine Writer, Photo taker at many 4-H Ontario events and an Ontario Milk Booth Volunteer. The impact that Carol has had on 4-H Ontario from her youth participants and her peers reach well beyond the direct contributions through 4-H.
Joe Krol
Joe Krol was a 4-H Glengarry participant growing up, participating in dairy, veterinary, leadership and tractor clubs, currently he is a 4-H leader and has bene for the past 26 years. Joe has also worn many hats within his association and region, serving as a Stormont and Region 2 Representative, and continues as a member of the Region 2 Livestock Show Committee.
“Joe has dedicated hours and hours to instill the “Learn To Do By Doing” motto with the club members, fellow leaders and volunteers,” says Barbara-Ann Glaude, 4-H Stormont Volunteer. “Seeing 4-H members learning how to care for livestock and perfecting the showmanship skills is a reward for Joe”. Joe is very enjoyable to be around and is an excellent role model for today’s youth.
Additionally, Joe has been involved in a variety of other initiatives in this community, including being President and Regional Director of the Stormont Holstein Club, East Gen Director for 15 years and Stormont Federation of Agriculture Director.
Jean Morris
Jean Morris has been involved in 4-H for 38 years and has led 86 projects, such as life skills, farm machinery and vet clubs. She has also held the role of President of the Perth 4-H Leaders, President and Director of Perth 4- H Leaders Association, as well as coached the Grand Reserve Campion “Go For The Gold” team in 2002. Jean is extremely passionate about 4-H and enjoys teaching new things, just as much as she enjoys encouraging the youth to be their very best in everything they do. She is dependable and trustworthy and always puts thought into the well-being of everyone around her.
“She always arrived early, never missed meetings, and always waited for the last ride to pick up members. She helped me to be more organized. She was always patient, encouraging and kind with me and the members”, says fellow 4-H Leader R.G. Reed. “l’m proud to mention that one of our members became a veterinarian and is actually my replacement as I drift into retirement. Many members have furthered their education and found careers in agriculture, animal and health sciences thanks to Jean and our local 4-H.” Jean is an active member in her community, and is involved in Mitchell Agriculture Society, member of The Gould’s Women’s Institute and Past President and President of the Perth South District of Women’s Institute, canvasser for the Canadian Cancer Society and has achieved many community awards.
“This year’s winners have all been tremendous ambassadors and leaders within the 4-H program and their communities for many years,” says Evelyn Chambers, Senior Manager, Volunteer & Community Engagement, 4-H Ontario. “It is a great honour to present them with this award for their passion and dedication for all that they do for the youth of 4-H.”
Established in 2001 during the International Year of the Volunteer, the 4-H Ontario Arbor Award recognizes a select group of 4-H Ontario volunteers who have served the organization for over 10 years and have positively impacted 4-H and their local community. This is 4-H Ontario’s most prestigious volunteer award.
To be eligible to receive the award, 4-H Ontario volunteers must be nominated by their local 4-H Association. Nominees must have shown significant leadership, initiative and made a positive impact on 4-H at various levels. In addition, nominees must have other involvement within their community or other volunteer organizations. The selection committee consists of representatives of 4-H Ontario, Bayer and previous Arbor Award winners.
“The long-serving commitment and dedication to Ontario 4-H by the Arbor Award recipients represents what it truly means to be a volunteer,” said Trish Jordan, Senior Business Partner, Government and Industry Affairs with Bayer Crop Science. “Their tireless dedication to living the 4-H pledge and helping build the next generation of leaders is truly inspiring. Thank you for building better people and communities through giving of your time and experience to the 4-H program”.
Due to COVID-19, the 2021 recipients will be honoured provincially, alongside the 2020 recipients at the 2021 4-H Ontario Virtual Volunteer Gala on March 26th, 2021. Additionally, they will receive an award featuring a hand-crafted metal sculpture of a tree and their names will be displayed on a specially designed plaque that hangs in the 4-H Ontario office.
Source : 4-H Ontario

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