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4-H Ontario Receives $50,000 Donation to Youth Mental Health Program

ROCKWOOD, ONT. - 4-H Ontario is pleased to announce the organization has received a $50,000 donation from Trillium Mutual Insurance’s ROOTS Community Fund to support 4-H’s Taking Our Mental Health To Heart Program.  The Taking Our Mental Health To Heart program will use hands-on learning and the “Learn To Do By Doing” model to equip youth with the skills to adapt and respond to mental health challenges.
“Mental health is often an area that many, including youth, don’t want to discuss. Especially in rural Ontario, it can be difficult to access resources and support that can ease the struggles that some youth are experiencing. The introduction of the Taking Our Mental Health To Heart program and the support from Trillium Mutual allows us to extend our program offering to reach rural youth and help them recognize and overcome mental health challenges, “said Christine Oldfield, Executive Director 4-H Ontario.
Trillium Mutual Insurance’s donation provides 4-H Ontario with the opportunity to develop and implement a long-term program that will support the mental health of over 6,000 Ontario youth. Through strategies and training throughout local and provincial opportunities, 4-H Ontario will prepare youth with the tools necessary for long-term success and resiliency.
“Trillium Mutual Insurance is a community minded mutual, and we want to invest in our communities in a meaningful way. Mental health challenges affect all of us and our contribution to the 4-H Ontario program to educate youth and equip them with life-long skills to cultivate a healthy mindset is an investment we are proud to make,” said Tracy MacDonald, President & CEO of Trillium Mutual Insurance Company.
Source : 4-H Ontario