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5 Things People Were Talking About at the Iowa Pork Congress Trade Show

From new technology to improved feed products and from cupcakes to phone chargers, the Iowa Pork Congress trade show is always a must-see event. This year was no different and included a celebration “station” recognizing 50 years of the Iowa Pork Congress as well as the Pig Podium, a new opportunity for companies to share about their products. Between excellent educational sessions on the first floor to the eye-catching and informative displays on the second floor, I couldn’t see and do it all. But here are a few new products announced and messages shared in the thriving trade show.

Remodeling existing production sites requires careful planning. Rob Brenneman of Brenneman Pork, P.J. Corns of JBS Pork and Alex Anderson of Seaboard Foods met on the Pig Podium stage on Wednesday to discuss their experience with large-scale remodeling projects.

The panelists stressed the need to design flexibility into any new project to allow for future unforeseen welfare changes. For example, constructing facilities with total slatted flooring makes it easy to change pen layouts. In addition, they expressed interest in technology that allows for remote monitoring of the building environment, especially that feature environmental controls linked to a cell phone. Anderson noted that this allows him to help inexperienced farm staff troubleshoot a problem even if he has to be several hours away from the site.

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