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A Last Glimpse at Wheat's Condition as 2018 Harvest Season Wraps Up in USDA's Final Crop Report

The United States Department of Agriculture released its final Crop Progress Report for the year Monday, November 26, 2018. According to it, both the US corn and soybean harvests will soon be completely wrapped up for the year, as will the cotton and sorghum harvests this year. In addition, this report indicates that the planting season for winter wheat is nearly complete as well and offers one final glimpse at the condition of this year’s wheat crop as the report goes on hiatus until next spring.
The US corn harvest, according to the report this week, is all but done at 94 percent complete, just under its normal pace for this time of year at 96 percent on average. However, this is on par with last year’s pace. At this point, only four states are 100 percent complete, including Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina and Tennessee. North Dakota is the furthest from being complete at only 71 percent this week.
This year’s soybean harvest across the US is nearly done as well, also at 94 percent complete. This falls below the five-year average of 98 percent as well as last year’s pace of 99 percent complete for this time. Only two states, including Illinois and South Dakota are completely finished with their harvests for 2018. North Carolina is the furthest behind right now at just 64 percent complete. However, this is less surprising, given that its average pace for this time of year is generally at 71 percent complete.
Cotton harvest is making good progress, at 70 percent complete currently, up 11 points from the previous week. Generally, cotton harvest is near 77 percent complete on average at this time. Last year, cotton harvest was a bit ahead of that five-year average, at 78 percent complete.
The 2018 sorghum harvest is also nearing its completion at 89 percent this week, up 9 points from last week but still under last year’s pace and the average of 94 percent by 5 points.
To review the complete USDA Crop Progress Report for Monday, November 26, 2018 - click here.
Taking one final look over our three-state region here in the Southern Plains -
Winter wheat planted in Oklahoma reached 95 percent, down 5 points from the previous year. Winter wheat emerged reached 87 percent, down 7 points from the previous year and down 9 points from normal. Winter wheat’s condition in Oklahoma this week rates 19 poor to very poor, 25 fair and 56 good to excellent. Canola planted reached 95 percent. Canola emerged reached 86 percent. Sorghum harvested reached 90 percent, down 3 points from the previous year and down 4 points from normal. Cotton harvested reached 71 percent, unchanged from the previous year but up 4 points from normal. Pasture and range condition rates at 18 poor to very poor, 39 fair and 43 good to excellent.
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In Kansas, winter wheat condition rated 3 percent very poor, 13 poor, 38 fair, 37 good, and 9 excellent. Winter wheat emerged was 87 percent, behind 93 last year and 96 for the five-year average. Planted is at 96 percent complete, just under last year and the average of 100. Corn harvested was 94 percent, near 98 last year, and behind 99 average. Soybeans harvested was 92 percent, behind 97 both last year and average. Sorghum harvested was 83 percent, behind 93 last year and 95 average. Pasture and range conditions rated 3 percent very poor, 9 poor, 33 fair, 50 good, and 5 excellent.
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