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African Swine Fever to be Worse in 2020

With so much focus over the past couple of months on the impact of COVID 19 around the world, there's concern that a deadly hog disease is continuing to run rampant.
Some experts now say the African Swine Fever pandemic will be even worse this year than in 2019 as the disease, which only affects pigs, spreads to even more countries. Researchers say ASF is a much stronger virus than COVID 19 in that it can survive in the environment or in food products for weeks and even months. While it's been around for years, ASF arrived in China nearly 2 years ago, and in a short amount of time, killed off what is estimated to be about half of the pig population in China.
The numbers might actually be higher but those are the ones being given by China's communist government. The disease is also spreading across parts of Europe, mostly through wild boar which can also be infected. One positive side effect of the current pandemic is reduced international air travel. That's considered one of the prime vectors of introducing the disease to hog barns in North America, through tainted meat products brought from countries where the disease is present.
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New Benchmarks for Canadian Agriculture: How Do You Measure Up?

Video: New Benchmarks for Canadian Agriculture: How Do You Measure Up?

Farm Management Canada

New Benchmarks for Canadian Agriculture: How Do You Measure Up?

Sponsored by BDO

• Matt Penner, Senior Manager Pembina Branch, BDO
• Lisa Kemp, Partner, Lindsay Branch, Agriculture Industry Lead, BDO
• Larry Martin, Principal, Agri-Food Management Excellence
• Maggie Van Camp, National Agricultural Practice Development Leader, BDO (Moderator)

For 20 years, farmers in Canada’s leading farm business management training program, CTEAM (Canadian Total Excellence in Agricultural Management) program consistently voiced two criticisms: lack of clarity between financial performance and management practices, and lack of consistency in farm financial accounting making it difficult to gauge their performance against others.

BDO teamed up with Agrifood Management Excellence (AME) who run the CTEAM program to benchmark financial performance based on a new standard for farm financial statements.

By using a standardized financial statement for farms measured against performance benchmarks, we now have a better understanding of the connection between financial performance and management practices. The results have powerful messages for managers, messages that can assist in making better decisions. Improvements are being seen in operations, production, human resources, marketing and finance.

The Benchmarking for Better Decisions report is being released annually with the most current results and trends.

This presentation will:

• Explain the standardized financial statement
• Illustrate how the statement’s ratios can assist in diagnosing and improving management issues
• Share the results of the latest analyses including the recipes for farm financial success for various farm type