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AFSC’s Grassroots Fund supports 4-H at the local level

For over 100 years, 4-H has been an integral part of Alberta’s agricultural landscape, teaching youth about resourcefulness, cooperation, determination, and leadership. Agriculture Financial Services (AFSC) is proud to help support 4-H in Alberta through post-secondary scholarships, support for a variety of provincial programs and our 4-H Alberta Grassroots Fund.

Through this fund, any new or existing 4-H Alberta sanctioned club can apply for up to $300 to be used to support activities, programs, events or initiatives that fall into the areas of Agriculture/Agri-Food, Education and Outreach, and Community Well-Being. Funds are distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis until all funds are allotted.

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How to tube feed newborn calves (esophageal feeding)

Video: How to tube feed newborn calves (esophageal feeding)

Esophageal feeding (tube feeding) gives sick and struggling calves a chance when they are at their most vulnerable. Particularly, to provide essential colostrum to young calves unable to nurse and to treat dehydration in sick calves. This video goes over the steps of esophageal feeding calves to not only save lives but also improve the overall health of your herd.

If a calf requires an esophageal feed, allow the calf to swallow the tube, never force it down, allow the liquid to flow slowly, and always have two separate tubes for feeding sick and healthy calves. This video also covers important tips and implications to consider while tube feeding such as the "two-tube rule" and ways to prevent aspiration.