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Ag Awareness Day Focuses On Protein

On Tuesday, the Manitoba government marked Agriculture Awareness Day at an event highlighting local initiatives and expertise related to animal and plant proteins.

“Demand for high quality protein is continuing to grow and Ag Awareness Day presented a wonderful opportunity to highlight what our industry in Manitoba is doing to meet the needs of consumers around the world,” said Manitoba Agriculture Minister Ralph Eichler. “Manitoba Agriculture is currently developing a new sustainable protein strategy that will ensure Manitoba’s producers are well positioned to succeed in the market.”

The event at the Legislative Building included speakers highlighting protein innovation in the agriculture industry. Robin Young, chief operating officer of the Food Development Centre, spoke about new advancements in protein processing. Curtis Rempel, vice-president of crop production and innovation with the Canola Council of Canada, discussed innovations in canola production and processing, and the Manitoba Chicken Producers shared information about innovation in poultry production.

“Our industry is one of the most innovative in the country, and it starts on the farm where our producers are quick to adapt to new ideas and new technology,” said Keystone Agricultural Producers (KAP) President Bill Campbell. “It’s rewarding to see this translated into improved food products for consumers.”

In 2005, Manitoba established Agriculture Awareness Day to promote greater awareness of the contributions agriculture makes to this province and the industry’s role as a key driver of the Manitoba economy. In 2014, The Farm and Food Awareness Act formalized this recognition in legislation, making Agriculture Awareness Day the third Tuesday in March.

Source : Steinbachonline

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