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Ag Equipment Intelligence Announces Dates of 2024 Executive Briefing

Ag Equipment Intelligence has announced the return of its annual virtual event — the Ag Equipment Intelligence 2024 Executive Briefing — on December 7-8, 2023. This executive briefing will provide an overview of the year to come through the eyes of those with boots on the ground — Dealers, Manufacturers, Industry Experts and more — as they share their successes, pain points and thoughts on how 2024 looks from their vantage point.

The 2024 Executive Briefing will span two days and will feature 8 insightful sessions led by experts from all corners of the industry. As a virtual event, all sessions will be accessible from your computer, tablet or phone, allowing you to attend from home, the office or on-the-go, making it easy and convenient to attend, says Ag Equipment Intelligence Executive Editor Kim Schmidt.

"Building off the successes of our previous Executive Briefings, this year's 2-day event will provide our attendees ample time to view and participate in both live and on-demand sessions that will focus on the most pressing issues across the industry," says Schmidt. "The sessions we have planned will equip attendees with information to help them strategically plan for the year ahead, including hearing from major line equipment manufacturers"

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Direction of Global Ag Policy - Dr. David Hughes

Video: Direction of Global Ag Policy - Dr. David Hughes

David Hughes is Emeritus Professor of Food Marketing at Imperial College London. He travels the world talking to businesses, trade associations, governments, and conferences on global developments in the food and drink industry. A highly sought-after speaker wherever he goes, he has an unparalleled knowledge of global food issues and opportunities.

Our turbulent world shows little sign of reverting to one that is more stable. Climate change is the most fearsome spectre and consumers, agri-food businesses, and governments have set out their stall to reduce its impact on long-term food supplies and the future health of our world. However, current short-term concerns, not least about the “remains” of the pandemic, the Russia Ukraine war, and the cost-of-living crisis, are causing governments, companies and consumers to make compromises on their “greening”/low carbon ambitions.

At the national level, food security and energy policies are being given higher weighting by both the public and private sectors. This will continue for the next few years until there is some resolution of the tragic war in Europe. In the meantime, The 4th Global Agricultural Revolution will gather pace on farms and in countries where returns to food production are sufficient to cover the high cost of high tech investment.