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AGCO's Success at Agrishow 2017

AGCO is honored to win multiple Tractor of the Year awards during Agrishow 2017. The awards were organized by Agriworld magazine, and the winners were chosen by combining points between the specialized judging committee and the popular vote.
Valtra T CVT 250 wins Agrishow Tractor of the Year 2017
The T CVT 250 tractor from Valtra, a global trendsetter in the production of agricultural machinery, received the title of Tractor of the Year. In addition to being elected Tractor of the Year 2017, the T CVT 250 model received the title of Best Machine in the category above 200 hp.
The model is part of the T CVT family, a series of premium heavy-line machines that stand out with the best power-to-transmission ratio, with maximized performance for long days in the field. The T CVT Series models feature a CVT gearbox (Continuously Variable Transmission) that is easy to operate and free from operating failures. In this way, the tractor demands little training time for the operator, increasing crop yield. In addition, with the infinite number of speeds, the Power Control management operates smarter, reducing fuel consumption and maintaining the working power. Another new feature is the suspension in the front axle, exclusive in the segment. With greater front-wheel drive efficiency, the slippage ratio is reduced, increasing operating efficiency.
The T CVT series models have a pump with hydraulic flow of 190 l/min, up to four electronic valves and 4-speed PTO. The machines still have lift capacity up to 9,600 kg and exclusive frontal hydraulic system with a capacity of 4,000 kg, being able to work with any type of implement and combined operations.
The Valtra T CVT Series tractor is produced at the Valtra plant in Mogi das Cruzes, São Paulo, Brazil. The design follows the world's brand standards, designed to facilitate daily maintenance by increasing tractor time in the field. The cab guarantees great visibility for operations, efficient 360° lighting for night jobs. The family is already sold in Europe and the United States and has a winning design in three international awards: Design 2016 (Italy), Red Dot Design 2016 (Germany) and Good Design™ 2016 (USA and Europe). In 2015, the T series also received the title of Machine of the Year at the Sima Show, in the category of 182 to 284 hp.
Massey Ferguson wins in two categories at Agrishow 2017
Massey Ferguson, a leader in the tractor market for 56 years and an example of pioneering and modern agricultural machinery manufacturing, has won in two categories of the Tractor of the Year Award with the MF 4275 Compact Cab and MF 6713 tractors. The decision was announced during Agrishow 2017 by a technical committee.
The MF 6713, from the MF 6700 series and a highlight in this year's Agrishow, won in the group of tractors from 100 to 200 hp. High performance machines contribute to increase productivity and provide fuel economy to farmers. Launched in the platform version, the tractor has the highest lifting capacity in the category with up to 4,950 kg to perform work with heavier implements, with excellent hydraulic flow. The 12x12 manual transmission with mechanical or electro-hydraulic shuttle provides more agile maneuvers.
The MF 4275 Compact Cab model won in the Special Tractors category. The series has been renovated and now counts with a cab, ensuring the comfort and safety needed during the work day. The model combines ergonomics, design, functionality and performance. The tank, made of plastic, with a capacity for 60 liters, also provides the advantage of reducing the risk of contamination with the fuel.
Source : AGCO

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