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Agricultural Innovation gets $12.5M boost from USDA

A wave of innovative energy is set to sweep the agricultural landscape, courtesy of the USDA's $12.5 million investment into the SBIR and STTR programs. This move is set to back 76 enterprising small businesses addressing agriculture's dynamic challenges. 

Reiterating the Administration's dedication, Dr. Chavonda Jacobs-Young emphasized nurturing small businesses and fortifying the nation's food framework. 

$2.5 millions of this allocation inaugurates the USDA NIFA STTR awards. These awards are pioneering, fostering symbiotic relations between small businesses and research nonprofits, propelling scientific discoveries to the masses. 

Dr. Manjit K. Misra, helping USDA NIFA, spotlighted small businesses as the leaders of innovation in the realms of food and farming. NIFA's $9.9 million is ready to strengthen 61 SBIR initiatives, touching vital areas from conservation to biobased innovations. 

It's heartening to note, 20 of these grants support businesses owned by minorities or women, and 22 cater to HUBZones, emphasizing socio-economic upliftment. 

The projects under this funding umbrella are diverse and promising, like Evergreen Aquatics' venture into sustainable aquaculture and Padma Agrobotics' automation strides. 

Complementing these advancements, the USDA’s 2022 Technology Transfer Annual Report charts the path of recent agricultural tech successes. From 156 pathbreaking inventions to 79 patent applications, the report paints an encouraging picture of the sector's future. 

To continue harnessing innovative minds, the USDA is open to more SBIR and STTR funding proposals, with the window closing on September 19, 2023. 

Source : wisconsinagconnection

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