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Agriculture Hall of Fame Call for Nominations

The Alberta Agriculture Hall of Fame is now accepting nominations to honour individuals who have made significant contributions to Alberta’s agriculture and agri-food industry, and to the development and sustainability of rural life in Alberta.
“Every two years, Alberta’s Agriculture Hall of Fame recognizes up to three individuals whose outstanding leadership, innovation, and business practices have advanced Alberta’s agriculture and food industry at the provincial level or beyond,” says Colin Gosselin, senior project coordinator with the Hall of Fame.
Since 1951, the Hall of Fame has celebrated the accomplishments of men and women who have dedicated their lives to agriculture and their rural communities. The 132 inductees have been innovators and risk takers in every area of agriculture, from ground breaking farming techniques to scientific accomplishments, creating value-added products, and other outstanding contributions that have had a lasting, positive impact on agriculture and rural Alberta.
The 2018 inductees will be honoured this October at a celebration ceremony.
Source : Alberta Ag and Forestry

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