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Agro-100 Ltd of Joliette launches a new line of high-performance products powered and activated by its Oligo® Prime technology

JOLIETTE, QC - Agro-100 announced today that in early 2022 its foliar product line will be enhanced with the high performing biostimulant Oligo® Prime. Agro-100 is has developed an innovative, state-of-the-art technology that will facilitate acces to more market share in North America. Oligo® Prime is an innovative biostimulant technology resulting from a research and development program dating back 5 years. Scientifically designed, Oligo® Prime helps bolster the natural defenses of plants against abiotic stresses, while minimizing environmental impact.

"What is exceptional about this technology, exclusive to Agro-100, is that its addition to foliar fertilizers activates the plants defense mechanisms against abiotic stresses in crops, thus allowing the full yield potential of the crops to be realized," said Pierre Migner, Agro-100's Director of Product Development and Agronomic Training, adding that the agronomic recipe developed by the company is an unique signature that allows Agro-100 to outperform the competition.

Stéphane Beaucage, President and Chief Operating Officer of Agro-100, said that this major innovation confirms the company's status as a leading developer and manufacturer with operations in Quebec, Ontario, the Maritimes, Western Canada, parts of the United States and Mexico. For Mexico in particular, many other products in the new line including Agro-B Mobility, Agro-Ca, CropBooster, have not yet shown just how big a contribution they will have at increasing the quality and the yields of their crops.  In the short term, this will translate into a significant increase in the revenues for agricultural producers. Mr. Migner indicated that data from over 160 trials have confirmed the clear benefit of using the Oligo Prime technology. Trials conducted in grain corn, for example, have increased yields by just over 900 kg/ha. "If the agronomic performance is empirically proven, so is the economic performance," stated Beaucage. An increase of 900 kg/ha in the yield of grain corn would generate an additional $200 per hectare in revenue for farmers while only increasing operating costs by $20. 

"This represents a spectacular return on investment," continued Mr. Beaucage, emphasizing the great added value of this technology, (exclusive to Agro-100).

Bringing Oligo Prime to market was fuelled the acquisition of Axter Agroscience in 2021 by Agro-100 and its subsequent. The company will deploy its new product line across North America in the coming weeks.

Source : Cision

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