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Agro-100 marks its expansion in the prairies with the addition of a sales manager for Alberta and Saskatchewan

Agro-100 of Joliette Québec is pleased to announce the appointment of Mahesh Gupta as Sales Manager for Alberta and Saskatchewan. The prairie provinces have been experiencing significant growth in agricultural activity in spite of constraints imposed by the pandemic. In Alberta, where Agro-100 has an office (Calgary), grain production reached 26 million tonnes this year – up 11% from 2019 according to very recent government statistics.
"Mahesh Gupta brings Agro-100 clients in Alberta and Saskatchewan a proven track record in irrigation management, as well as in the planning, the development and the implementation of industry-leading crop enhancement technologies" says Lorne Bienstock, Executive Vice-President of Agro-100 Global.
"We firmly believe that Agro-100's foliar nutrient technologies, which are still relatively unknown in Western Canada, will play an important role in further stimulating growth for prairie farms, especially during these challenging times" says Mahesh Gupta. He says he looks forward to helping producers adopt economical and innovative solutions that will contribute to bolstering their crops, as well as their profits.
With some 20,000 farmers in Alberta and more than 34,500 in Saskatchewan to be served, Mahesh Gupta will be a busy man. "It's about meeting and greeting and walking the land" says Gupta. "Farmers, wherever they are, wear their livelihoods on their sleeve. My mission is to show them that Agro-100 products will help them thrive."
Statistics Canada confirms that the production of corn alone rose by 35% in 2020. In Saskatchewan, "Canada's breadbasket", the numbers are just as encouraging.
The goal is to set up an Agro-100 producer-distributor network for the prairies, as has been successfully done in Ontario and in Québec.   
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