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AgScape announces appointment of new Executive Director

An Ontario charity, AgScape works to bring the stories, facts, and passion of the world of agriculture and food into Ontario classrooms.  As the leader in Agriculture & Food Education in the classroom, AgScape quickly pivoted and embraced the opportunity for innovation, launching its first-ever virtual Annual General Meeting (AGM) and developing an extensive online library of activities that parents, children and teachers could take part in at home with the shift in education.
AgScape’s Board of Directors established a hiring committee and began the search for a new team leader. “It was incredibly promising to see the breadth of talent who applied for the role” said Kathryn Doan, AgScape Board Chair and Director of & “It was clear that despite the pandemic and other challenges facing the world right now, the passion and the demand for agriculture & food education is stronger than ever.” Doan said.
Taylor Selig, the Development Manager with AgScape, has worked for six years supporting the organization. Taylor has demonstrated his leadership on numerous projects at AgScape; whether technical, like overseeing the development of our website and developing new reporting metrics for our programs that have substantially improved how we share impacts with our supporters; to leading fundraising efforts with our members towards our shared goals and taking the lead in developing a number of key new partnerships, Taylor has been a natural leader within the organization.
His education in International Development Studies, History and Anthropology has meant that social justice and our relationships with the natural world have been at the core of Taylor’s personal and professional values. Having worked extensively within the not-for-profit sector in a wide range of roles from fundraising and marketing strategy to relationship management, event planning, and public outreach, Taylor’s diverse set of skills have made him an invaluable member of the AgScape team.
“Taylor’s diligence and results-driven work style were already well known to the board, but during the interview process he demonstrated his leadership and passion for driving AgScape forward into new and innovative directions.” Said Kathryn Doan.
“This year more than any has highlighted the importance of teamwork and collaborative partnership towards our shared objectives and success. I’m excited to be joining the AgScape team in this new capacity so that we can continue to build our work and impacts through the support of our incredible donors and stakeholders. We have an incredible team, who have been able to pivot quickly during this interesting year. As a team we look forward to sharing successes and innovations with our supporters.” Said Taylor Selig, newly appointed Executive Director of AgScape.
As an example of these positive changes, this year, AgScape has shifted their flagship resource, the Teacher Ambassador Program (TAP) to accommodate virtual delivery, to ensure they continue to bring Ontario certified teachers into classrooms to teach free lessons about Food and Agriculture. “The flexibility of our staff and Teacher Ambassadors to adapt to this new normal has been incredibly inspiring as a leader” Selig said about his colleagues.
“Through the support of our members, whose donations make the work we do possible, I’m steadfast in my dedication to grow this organization, create new and diverse partnerships, and ignite student interest in the opportunities of food and agriculture. As the demand to know more about where our food comes from grows, my primary focus as AgScape Executive Director is to tell the stories of those hard-working individuals who bring food to tables across our province” said Taylor Selig.
Agriculture & Food Education is the focus of AgScape is reliant on donors like you. Donate today and help AgScape reach the over two million students in Ontario.
Source : AgScape