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AI-Powered Drones - farmers' new best friend

Have you considered drones assisting farmers? It's now a reality. Farms are now using drones with artificial intelligence, not just bees. 

The University of Tokyo is leading the way. Their target is to help farmers get the most out of their vegetable crops, starting with the humble broccoli. 

Professor Wei Guo, who's both a tech guru and farming enthusiast, explains, “Determining when to harvest can be a puzzle. But our drone buddies are solving it!” These budget-friendly drones snap pics of young broccoli plants. With a sprinkle of AI magic, they predict how these green wonders will grow and no humans will be needed. It’s all automatic, which means more savings for farmers! 

But why is this a game-changer? Timing! Harvest just a tad early or late, and poof, up to 20% of the profits might vanish. But fret not, with these drones on the lookout, farmers get a clear picture, literally and figuratively. Their challenge is to train the tech to "see" and "understand" amidst nature's ever-changing canvas. But with each hurdle crossed, the potential is endless. 

Professor Guo's big dream - This tech, out and about, helps farmers globally. 

Source : wisconsinagconnection

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